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A mix of photos taken on a pre-visit to meet today's Head Teacher of Stoke Newington School & Sixth Form - click on any photo to enlarge the 'thumbnail' photo.

The nearly worn out text in the "tablet" shown in photo 2 says 'Oldfield Road School' - which predates Daniel Defoe days.


A Slide Show of Photos taken in 2013 of the Daniel Defoe School - Now called "Scholars' Place"

Class: 4th Year Commercial 1963

The Photo just above and 4 just below were kindly donated by Jay Ali in June 2015



A late February 2014 meeting near Oxford Circus gave a few of us a chance to meet up for a wonderful non-stop chat for over 3 hours. The occasion was driven by the rare chance for many of us to see Christabel who was visiting from Berlin. Click on any photo to enlarge


Daniel Defoe students celebrate 50 Years since school. In early 2013 an entrepid group met up for a special lunch near Piccadilly Circus to celebrate leaving school in those exciting days of the early 1960s - just a few snaps below reflect some of the many personalities



A little collected History

From a date on the old building the school was built in 1891 and originally called Oldfield Road with seperate entrances marked for Boys, Girls and Infants. We know it became Daniel Defoe Secondary School - probably after WWII as we have had emails from people who attended in the early 1950s. Then Wordworth Secondary School amalgamated with Daniel Defoe in 1966 by way of preparation for the newly built Clissold Park School opened in 1969. The latest update appears to be in 1982 when Woodbury Down joined with Clissold Pak to become Stoke Newington School & Sixth Form on the latter's site in Clissold Road. The whole current school has over 1600 students as I type in April 2014. This school appears to do well in Mathamatics according to Ofsted. A visit to the Hackney Archives would probably add lots more detail.

See below those who remember the old school. You may find some faces of teachers and maybe plenty of friends from those years in Stoke Newington while it was wild and free!

Mr Lethbridge - taken in 1974 at Clissold Park School