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Kennington in 2010 - on a visit to see the play "When Henri fed Oscar" at the Toulouse Lautrec Brassiere written by Mick Gannon of Fulham.

What a pleasure it was to visit Kennington again, it has changed so much for the better since I lived at 363A Kennington Road in the mid-1950s. The Brassiere was a delight, the food stupendous and the play enthralling for all.

Before reaching where I once lived, Jean found a plaque on the house where Charlie Chaplin had lived along the same road. What an escape he had for sure.  Other places caught on camera are the Old Vic, 6 Lambeth Road where I had worked for most of the 1970s, the Imperial War Museum, Charlie Chaplin's dad's Georgian house, the rebuilt space where I once lived with nearby Aulton Place plus some shots taken in the Brassiere.