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71 Princes Gate - London Hostel Association

Simon, Stuart, Mike, Robbie and Laurie met up in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire in mid September 2013 for a day on the river Great Ouse. This was our first chance to see the damage done by Stuart after his bike acrobatics on his chosen circut around the town. After wishing him well and sharing a laugh or two we met up with Robbie and enjoyed a wonderful few hours on his long-boat discovering the wilds of the local river. Robbie displayed the fine art of steering a 90 foot vessel with aplomp and we celebrated before and aft with Abbots Reserve - a special bottled brew that will be remembered for many a day. See below a slide show of a few quick shots.


Simon, Caroline, Stuart and Laurie met up at the start of August 2013 and spent a glorious day boating along the River Thames from a Mariana next to London City Airport right through to Chelsea where we stopped for lunch. The return journey had its moments when a hat got blown overboard and a commercial boat with passangers took part in a 'rescue operation'.


A few snaps below of a drinking seession last enjoyed in the mid 1960s at the Hoop and Toy, South Kensington by Stuart, Simon and Laurie. The extras are of a glimpse of the latest renovations inside 71 Princes Gate and an odd E-Type found casually parked on the way from the station. There is also one taken of the Kazakhstan Embassy for John and Natalia.

Just click on a name in the list below where we have their email address and agreement to publish it here.


Here are some photos found dating back to the mid 1960s. Below the photographs are names that will grow as visitors add and correct those recalled of such an exciting time.

Names below are the best Harry Dixon, Jean Over and I can do just now. Please let me have any more names and corrections you can remember. Those I have contact with today from 71 Princes Gate are: John Blewett, Simon Armitage, Stuart Hawkin, Harry Dixon, Sue Wright and my wife Jean Over.

John Blewett B4 (Canvey Island, BT and Brisbane)

Harry Dixon B4 (slim, glasses for close up work, London to Brighton walk - Abbey National)

Ron Simpson B2 (Doncaster, Forestry Commission, The Who fan) & Ellen

Brian Harlye B2 (Newcastle, table tennis, often wore a cardigan and glasses)

Pete Leevesly (guitarist) left London suddenly

Pete Cowdary B1 (Tall, dark hair, glasses, London to Brighton Walk)

Simon de-Lacy Armitage B2 (National Grindlays Bank and KB - came from Pembrokeshire to 71 Princes Gate)

Ray Hague B4? (in a suit with Simon in dark glasses plus Stuart!)

Stuart Hawkin B2 (with a bare chest in these photographs and became an Importer of Italian furniture)

Joe McGuire B4 (Red hair and Customs & Exercise)

Stan Chapman B4 (tall, blonde from Ardrossan)

Mike Connaughton (?) - short, from Chesterfield, Charities Commission

Pete Evens (mod), Terry & M C  above - shared a room

Michael (Irish, amateur boxing, cycled alongside Laurie on 1964 L to B walk)

Dave (great fun and had occasional epileptic fits)

Terry Lloyd (Welsh, very tall and competitive, Captain mixed hockey team)

Keith (tall, dark hair with glasses)

Hugh (loosing his sight and very clever)

Bill Turnbull and Eileen Shears

Ann Harrison - slim attractive worked at Acton Telephone Accounts

Judy Grimsdale - Holmes Chapel Cheshire

Isla Axe N4 (small, very lively and good fun)

Sue Wright N4 (1st married John Axtell)

Jean Over N4 (Civil Service)

Laurie Fineman B1 and B2 (GPO, London to Brighton walk for London Hostels, re-building valve TVs with help on the barrel from Simon and Stuart)

 Annie Walker (Walden)

Daisy (Margaret) Ashford (Assistant Walden)